Elena Zabrodina

Was born in Novoaltaysk. In 1987 she graduated Leningrad state musical school named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov (department of actors of musical comedy, course by V. Vorobyev). Being a student she was invited in Theatre of Musical comedy, here she made her debut in role of Nils in operetta for children by V. Shainsky “Travelling of Nils with wild gooses” and very soon she became one of the leading actresses of theatre.

During her work in the company she created more then 20 leading parts in classic operettas and musical comedies. Among them: Lili and Denisa (“Age of love” and “Mademoiselle Nitush” F. Erve), Stella (“Drum-Majors daughter” J. Offenbach), Stasi, Mabel, Dombrudza and Marietta (“Csardas Princess”, “Mister X”, “The Duchess from Chicago” and “Bayader” I. Kalman), Lelya (“Careless citizen” A. Zatin), Nastya (“About poor hussar…” A. Petrov), Luchia (“Don Juan in Seville” M. Samoylov), Glafira (“Sudba-indeyka” S. Banevich), Dolly (“Hello, Dolly!” J. German), Heroine (“I do not know such country like this…” M. Aptekman), Madlen (“Oh, Dear Friend!” V. Lebedev),participates in tago-show “Dreams about tango”, Juliette ("Parisian Life" J. Offenbach), Karelia Pontovskaya ("The Bondmaid" N. Strelnikov).

Nowadays her repertoire includes:  Valentina (“The Merry Widow” F. Lehar), Simona (“Bayader” I. Kalman),  Tereza Hubner ("Spring Parade" R. Stolz), Marfa (“Womanich revolt” E. Ptichkin), Mashenka («Ten brides and no groom» by F. Zuppe), Agrafena Savvishna («Grooms» by I. Dunaevsky). 

Since 2013, Elena Zabrodina plays the role of Eleanora in 3D musical "POLA NEGRI".

In 1996 she was given a honorary rank of “Honoured actress of Russia”.

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