KERO (Miklos Gabor Kerenyi)

World famous director Miklos Gabor Kerenyi was born in Budapest in 1950. He graduated the department of opera singing in local Conservatory and continued his education in Hungarian theatre arts academy, where he received the diploma of “director of musical theatre”.

After graduating from the academy he worked in National Theatre in Szeged, where he has staged few operas. Then during the period of 10 years he was a director in Hungarian state opera house where he realized staging of famous classical operas: “Der fliegende Holländer” R. Wagner, “Don Carlos” and “Macbeth” G. Verdi, “Faust” Ch. Gounod and others. Besides he put particular attention to staging of operas written by contemporary Hungarian composers.

From 2001 to 2014 he headed the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater, and from 2014 to 2018 he was its artistic director. During his work in the theatre he has significantly increased quantity of shows, revived staging of Hungarian operettas, and thereby returned their acknowledgment in Hungary and abroad. Among his most successful works during the last few years: “Die Csárdásfürstin” and “Gräfin Mariza” I. Kalman, “Das Land des Lächelns” F. Lehar, “Romeo and Juliette” G. Presgurvic, “Elisabeth” G. Presgurvic, “Rudolf” F. Wildhorn, “Die Fledermaus” J. Strauss and others. M.G. Kerenyi continually engages in work young talents: directors, actors, opera singers.

With the name of Kerenyi relates the majority of musical productions presented during Szeged theatre festivals on the open stage. Here under his leadership many times were presented world famous spectacular musicals.

On the TV he prepares himself and realizes recordings of his performances which are broadcasted in Austria, Germany and Hungary. Recording of new opera performance based on Indian themes “Savitri” S. Szokolay received several awards in France. Theatre works of director can be seen in Salzburg, Prague, Vienna, Tel-Aviv, Bucharest, Munich, Ekaterinburg…

With St-Petersburg theatre of Musical comedy director is bound by long-term friendship and creative collaboration which started in 2007. Since then, he has staged the operetta "Bayadere" and "Countess Maritza"  by I. Kalman, "The Bat" by J. Strauss, "Land of Smiles" by F. Lehar, several concerts, as well as the musicals "Jekyll & Hyde" and "The Count of Monte Cristo" by F. Wildhorn and "Can-can "by C. Porter.

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