Press conference

The press conference was attended by the general manager of the theatre and producer of the musical Yuri Schwarzkopf, stage director Miklos Gabor Kerenyi (general and artistic director of the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre), musical director and conductor of the show Alexey Nefyodov, and performers starring Kirill Gordeev and laureate of the "Golden Mask" Ivan Ozhogin.

In addition, the author of the musical - composer Frank Wildhorn greeted from the screen to the team of the show and the St. Petersburg audience. He plans to arrive in St. Petersburg next spring: "I am glad to invite you into the world "family"of this musical, because now you are part of it. I hope that all of you will have a great time, and the show will find a lot of fans in Russia, as elsewhere in the world where musical enjoys a long and successful life. My congratulations to Gabor and everyone who works on the production of "Jekyll and Hyde". Hopefully this will be a huge success, and I look forward to seeing you soon".Stage director KERO

During the conference, Miklos Gabor Kerenyi spoke about the history plays, about his work with Wildhorn and revealed some secrets of the upcoming performance: "Some time ago I worked with Frank Wildhorn in Budapest. Seeing my "crazy" rehearsals, he told me: "You should stage a "Jekyll & Hyde". Finally it's time. And today I can say that this is the most fantastic musical - and "A class"music. It attracts the viewer like a chain. It has a lyrical themes like those we know from the musical "Phantom of the Opera" and "Jesus Christ - Superstar", and sharp, dynamic, close to the "Les Miserables". The history told in our performance, extremely exciting. It is about how people have a two natures simultaneously. And a man and a woman. And I am very grateful to my fantastic actors for what they allow me to "open" themselves, because in the course of work they actually found that they do not even expect. For me it's a great pleasure to work in this theater. We have been together for eight years, for which I am grateful to Yuri Schwarzkopf. I am confident that we are now at the threshold of a very strong European level performance".

And the starring performers Kirill Gordeev and Ivan Ozhogin shared their impressions of the work, recognizing the complexity of the upcoming premiere. For Ivan Ozhogin the part in this musical, as he said, "is the next challenge, which becomes more serious time to time". Kirill Gordeev at the first time in his acting career will execute such a big role, admitted that "Jekyll and Hyde" - this is the musical, for which he had once decided to become an actor".

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